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Monitor the performance of Product Search for WooCommerce using the built-in analytics tools. Access analytics under Products Search > "Analytics" block in your WordPress admin dashboard.

  1. Total Searches: The overall number of searches made using the plugin.

  2. Conversion Rate: The percentage of searches that resulted in a product being clicked.

  3. Total Clicks: The overall number of clicks on products from the search results.

Search Logs Table

Explore the latest searches made by users in the Search Logs Table. This table provides detailed information about each search, including:

  • Keyword:

    • The search term or keyword entered by the user.
  • Clicked Product:

    • The product clicked by the user in the search results.
  • Search Time:

    • The timestamp when the search was performed.
  • Conversion Status:

    • Indicates whether the search resulted in a click on a product.
      • "Clicked": User clicked on a product.
      • "No Action": No product was clicked.
      • "No Results Found": The search did not yield any results.
  • Total Found Product Items:

    • The total number of products found for the given search term.


Use the analytics data to gain insights into user behavior, optimize search results, and enhance the overall user experience on your WooCommerce store.