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Multilingual Support

Enhance the accessibility of Product Search for WooCommerce by leveraging multilingual support. The plugin seamlessly integrates with WPML and Polylang plugins to enable translations for diverse audiences.

Translate with WPML:

  1. Navigate to your WPML > String Translation.
  2. Select "screets Product Search" from the "In domain" dropdown.
  3. You will now see a list of translations that appear in the widget on the front-end.

Translate with Polylang:

  1. Go to Languages > String translations.
  2. Select the "screets Product Search" group.
  3. Here, you will find a list of translations that appear in the widget on the front-end.

Adding Your Own Translations:

To add your own translations:

  1. Create a .mo file for your language. The file should be named scxps-{locale}.mo, where {locale} is the code for the language and region (for example, tr_TR for Turkish as spoken in Turkey).
  2. Place the .mo file in the wp-content/languages directory of your WordPress installation.
  3. WordPress will automatically use it to translate the plugin's strings when the site's language is set to the corresponding language.
  4. Remember to configure the site language from the WordPress settings (Settings > General > Site Language).

Utilize the multilingual capabilities provided by WPML and Polylang to reach a broader audience and create a more inclusive search experience on your WooCommerce store.