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Custom CSS

This section provides guidance for advanced users who want to further customize the visual appearance of the Product Search plugin using custom CSS.

Using CSS Variables:

The Product Search plugin exposes a set of CSS variables that allow you to easily modify various aspects of its styling. These variables offer a more maintainable and efficient approach compared to directly overriding the plugin's styles.

Variable NameDescriptionDefault Value
--scxps--bg-colorBackground color of the search lightbox#ffffff (white)
--scxps--text-primaryPrimary text color#333333 (dark gray)
--scxps--text-secondarySecondary text color#777777 (medium gray)
--scxps--text-tertiaryTertiary text color#aaaaaa (light gray)
--scxps--text-disabledDisabled text color#cccccc (very light gray)


See the full list of CSS variables here: CSS Variables Reference.

Example: Customizing Lightbox Background:

To modify the lightbox background color, simply adjust the value of the --scxps--bg-color variable. Here's an example:

body .screets-product-search {
  --scxps--bg-color: #333333; /* Dark gray background */

Important Note:

We recommend utilizing your browser's developer tools to explore all available CSS variables within the screets-product-search class. This allows for granular control over the plugin's appearance.